Viportraits by Peter Engels





'A Toast To The Sun' by Peter Engels
In the art series "Masterpieces of Contemporary art" artist Peter Engels paints his Vintage Painting "A Toast To The Sun". The painting is an tribute to the summer. Peter Engels made the painting in the south of France. Van Gogh and Monet claimed French Riviera light is the most beautiful. Peter Engels paints his masterpiece with the palette knife.

Hippocrates' portrait by artist Peter Engels
Belgian master portraitist Peter Engels painted Hippocrates, the father of medicine."What contemporary international artist can revive better a 2500 year old character head than Peter Engels," says art collector Bart Maes.

"Faces and Places" by artist Peter Engels

Eva Mendes painted by artist Peter Engels
Artist Peter Engels paints the Vintage Portrait of Eva Mendes on board of a catamaran sailing in the Balearic Sea and moored in the marina of Palma. This painting is a contemporary masterpiece painted with the palette knife in his typical sepia colors.

The Art of Peter Engels in Miami

Vintage Portraits of The Beatles

Auction at Horta Auctioneers Brussels of vintages portraits from The Beatles by Peter Engels.

Peter Engels paints Catherine Zeta-Jones
Discover "the making of" of the painting from Catherine Zeta-Jones by Peter Engels.

Significant Art of our times: The Vintage art of Peter Engels

Richard Branson modeling for painter Peter Engels
Discover "the making of" of the painting from Richard Branson by Peter Engels.

Peter Engels art exhibition at Mo Kiddo
Video footage during the opening of Mo Kiddo Gallery in Antwerp

Interview for ATV: Peter Engels art exhibition at Mo Kiddo
TV report on art exhibition at Mo Kiddo Gallery in Antwerp

ART Peter Engels in Paris

Interviews: Peter Engels at "Art Nocturne Knocke 2010
TV report on art fair Art Nocturne Knocke on the stand of Peter Engels >


Peter Engels at art exibition "Art Nocturne Knocke 2010"
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Prince Albert of Monaco buys Grace Kelly painting by Peter Engels

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TV report VTM "Royalty": Peter Engels sells Grace Kelly art to Prince Albert of Monaco

Peter Engels painted the Vintage Portrait of Grace Kelly a.k.a. Princess Grace of Monaco. In a Sotheby's auction Peter Engels sells the painting to Grace Kelly's son, Prince Albert of Monaco. Peter Engels donates the total 5-figure proceedings to charity. See the painting, the auction and the interview with the artist Peter Engels. More on


Overview: "Paintings by Peter Engels"
Art morphings. Watch how the paintings of artist Peter Engels morph. A beautiful art collection of Vintage Portraits painted with the knife in his sepia colors. See his large portraits of celebrities. He paints their soul. And they love his art. More on


Peter Engels vs Bob Mendes, when artists meet
After Thriller author Bob Mendes writes about the paintings of Peter Engels, the two artists meet in a friendly golf challenge. But the stakes are high...


Peter Engels paints Vintage Portrait of thriller writer Bob Mendes

See how a painting grows. From the first scetch lines upto the finishing touch. Peter Engels paints the Vintage portrait of famous thriller writer Bob Mendes. See how a painter sees the author. Watch how Peter Engels paints his soul.

Michael Jackson painted by Peter Engels
Michael Jackson's Vintage Portrait painted by artist Peter Engels. Go to for more info.